Modern Communications and Collaboration are key enablers of success, but how can an organisation approach building this into an effective strategy?

Gaining an understanding of the delivery methods is key. We believe effective "Communication and Collaboration" to be an essential cornerstone to any modern organisation. It is a Digital Building Block in our digital transformation process, which we further break down to the below Delivery Methods. These provide a tangible framework for us to work with clients, who in turn benefit from our technical understanding and industry awareness across a number of technology solutions.

As a trusted business and technology advisor, we adhere to a stringent impartiality ethos. We do this by becoming experts in a minimum of two technology solutions. Years of industry experience has led to these solutions gaining the "Recommended by Redpalm" seal of approval and making it onto our recommended shortlist, which we provide as comparisons to help our clients learn the pros and cons of a given solution, as opposed to only accentuating the positives. 

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS)

Bring together voice, video, virtual meetings, instant messaging and contacts into one platform. Then deliver directly from the software provider's own cloud (as-as-Service). Users work from anywhere on any device and are standardised on latest software versions. Maximise your team agility and productivity whilst decreasing infrastructure overheads.

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Document & Enterprise Content Management

Enable consumer-grade user experience for file, sync and share with the central compliancy and control over data security required for use in the enterprise.

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Smart Meetings

Design and use collaborative huddle spaces and meeting or conference rooms that increase productivity and creativity through wireless content-sharing between multiple devices and screens, fully integrated meeting room booking systems and modern, open video conferencing.

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