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The rapid evolution of technology is reshaping our world. As we sit on the cusp of this extraordinary digital revolution, smart organisations are preparing to make sure they remain relevant and competitive through the adoption and integration of digitally disruptive technology.

Working with Redpalm ensures these important strategic investment decisions are made with proper due diligence that utilises our specialised technical expertise and industry knowledge. We focus on modern, integrated and mainly cloud-based technologies, which we use as building blocks in any transformational or operational project or partnership.

We always look to question whether there is a more efficient, smarter approach or solution to any given challenge, with an emphasis on evolutionary technology.

Communication & Collaboration

Unshackle your teams to work from anywhere and communicate globally from any device. Whether for Business Continuity or agile working, our solutions help foster a modern culture that improves productivity and motivation through the use of cloud file sharing, collaborative meeting spaces and a single client app that unifies Voice, Video, IM and Virtual Meetings.

  • Unified-Communications-as-a-Service
  • Smart Meetings
  • File Sync & Share
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Cyber Security

All our Security Consultants must pass and maintain the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) accreditation, which promotes internationally recognised security practices that ensures we retain the most up to date knowledge and advanced expertise needed to manage, design, oversee, assess and support an organisation's information security.

  • Access Control IAM & PAM
  • Security Analytics & SIEM
  • Cyber Security Compliance
  • Patching & Vulnerability Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Firewalls Web Access & Gateways
  • Cyber Security Training
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Data Storage & Protection

Store data efficiently in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid with our Data Storage solutions, which are based on modern, smart, elastic storage innovations capable of provisioning dedicated IOPS performance to applications, which in turn ensure fast and smooth User Experiences. Our Data Storage solutions extend to offer the industry's leading DRaaS Cloud platforms that will protect and quickly recover your data.

  • Storage Arrays
  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Hybrid Storage Management
  • SaaS Data Protection
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Erasure
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Servers & Cloud Hosting

Put our core infrastructure expertise to work for you via a range of outsourced services from our people-focused 1st Line User Support through to 3rd/4th line Servers, Storage and Networking Support and Monitoring services available via our Security and Network Operations Centre, which also hosts our Hardware and Software Maintenance services.

  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • On Premise Server Solutions
  • Hybrid System Management & Virtualisation
  • Server Security & Patching
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End User Computing & Devices

Your Applications and digital services are only as good as the physical devices that users are interacting with them from. They're only as secure as the endpoint security you have in place and as up to date as your patching and deployment. Your IT teams are only as efficient as the enterprise endpoint management tools available to them.

  • Unified Endpoint Management UEM
  • Desktop & Hotdesk Solutions
  • Virtual Desktops VDI
  • Application Virtualisation
  • PCs Laptops & Smartphones
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Connectivity & Networking

In a “cloud” world, organisations must have resilient and fast connectivity infrastructure between their Datacentres, Offices and Cloud Providers. Our Solutions are borne out of our Deep-knowledge subject matter expertise and offer a holistic approach that ensure the high availability and connectivity within your network and infrastructure that means your digital services never fail to be accessible to your users when they need them.

  • Switching & Routing
  • Wireless Networking
  • Site-to-Site Links
  • Wireless ISP
  • Fibre Leased Lines
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