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IMAGINE... easily deploying OS to all your Endpoints and seamlessly patching applications from a single management console?

As the UEM market has matured over recent years, Redpalm’s strategic partner baramundi, has emerged as a Global leader, through its ability to offer a single solution that drastically simplifies and reduces the IT overhead in managing security. The baramundi Management Suite provides modular, powerful and flexible endpoint management, which automates time-consuming routine jobs in networks of 50 to 50,000 endpoints.
10:00 - 10:30
Jul '18


Adam White
Senior Client Manager & UEM Specialist, Redpalm

Adam has over 10 years experience in listening to the specific needs of clients from across a range of industries, working with key project stakeholders and technology leaders to deliver innovative and efficient solutions that span a wide array of technology competencies. Adam now leads the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) business for Redpalm's clients, in a role that has made him an expert on the baramundi technology portfolio.

Benjamin Cramphorn
Senior Systems Engineer, Redpalm

With over 15 years experience working in pressurised IT environments, Ben now heads up our redCARE SinglePoint™ service desk operations, where he successfully manages an ever expanding team of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line engineers, supporting users, hybrid server environments and networks across both the private and public sectors. As Redpalm's most highly trained Systems Engineer on a number of technologies, his role combines with the Projects team to consult on and design solutions, harnessing his in-depth knowledge in certain specialist areas but also benefiting from his broader experience gained through leading and developing the Support team.

Webinar details

Join us for our next "IMAGINE" Webinar, where we'll demonstrate why IT teams no longer need to use colourful imaginations to picture a future of truly Unified Endpoint Management.

Redpalm's Senior Systems Engineer and UEM Consultant, Benjamin Cramphorn, will answer any technical questions during the webinar and demo the baramundi Management Suite software that Redpalm's End User Computing team use to patch and deploy endpoints.

Redpalm has used the baramundi platform to scale up our Managed Services operations over recent years, meeting the increasing demand for our projects expertise, such as managing large-scale Windows 10 deployments. Our Service Desk and Security team also use its intuitive application patching to protect thousands of endpoints from Common Vulnerability Exploits (CVE's).

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Also on the Webinar, Redpalm's UEM specialist, Adam White, will present examples of how we've implemented the solution as software that some of our clients have chosen to use in-house by their own IT teams, with the measurable efficiency and added security this has brought to End User Computing teams.

A word on Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is considered now to be an essential aspect of securing and efficiently managing an IT estate, however research tells us most organisations still have a fragmented and often cumbersome method of ensuring user devices are routinely patched, secure, visible and deployed. This can be attributed to budget pressure and a lack of awareness of how automation that can bring the management of all devices from OS deployment through to patching and MDM into one platform.

A unified and automated approach to managing and securing endpoints has led to Redpalm driving efficiency into many sectors, as security vulnerabilities such as WannaCry have fuelled investment in a vital area that in the past has often been overlooked due to the time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly traditional methods of managing endpoints. These include NHS Trusts, Charities, Financial, Scientific, Hospitality, Education and Logistics organisations.