Redpalm helps Newcastle Building Society ensure best-fit Data Storage Solution, improving Application Performance and Service Delivery

Following a thorough scoping and design process and Redpalm presenting a range of recommended Data Storage approaches from a number of its Innovation Partners, Newcastle Management Systems awards business to Redpalm and its HPE Nimble Storage solution, citing Nimble's intuitive and intelligent InfoSight console as a USP, together with the level of detail and time invested to be certain the outcome was best possible fit solution for the business.
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HPE Nimble CS300

The Challenge

Newcastle Systems Management Ltd are part of the Newcastle Building Society Group, one of the largest Consumer Finance groups in the UK. It provides Managed Hosting Services together with Technology and Systems expertise to both Newcastle Building Society and together with Newcastle Strategic Solutions, it has been a leader in providing Financial Services outsourcing since 1997 to a range of major financial organisations.

Redpalm has been a Trusted Technology partner to Newcastle Systems Management Ltd for several years, advising on and helping to implement and support a range of technology solutions that ensure high availability of critical Software Applications and Databases that Newcastle Building Society and many of the UK’s major financial service organisations need to access on a daily basis to ensure the smooth operation of their business services.

A need was identified for Newcastle Systems Management to expand part of its core storage capacity and increase Data Access speeds within its infrastructure. There was a specific need to upgrade an existing HP Data Protector backup solution, which over several years had become resource-intensive both from a compute and human management perspective. An ageing storage system was also due to be refreshed in line with Newcastle Management System’s vigorous infrastructure refresh program, which is followed in order to maintain excellent standards in application delivery and performance.

Redpalm was invited to tender for the solution.

The Innovation

Redpalm began a detailed Pre-Sales engagement where a range of our services were offered at no charge in order to accurately scope the specific technicalities of the Data Storage requirement and also fully understand the wider technology strategy and business drivers. One of Redpalm’s highly experienced Data Storage Pre-Sales Consultants was assigned to the project and initiated a Free of Charge Capacity Planning exercise, which involved running specialist independent Capacity Planning Software that gathered a completed picture of the current levels of application demand and the subsequent load on the existing Storage systems. Redpalm spent time getting a complete picture of Newcastle Systems management’s plans for the future in order to ensure any solutions was completely future proofed.

In keeping with Redpalm’s “Independent, Impartial, Interested” ethos and approach, we qualified a total of 3 suitable Storage Technologies from our Data Storage System portfolio, each of which matched the requirements identified, but offered a slightly different method of storing and accessing data. As part of its advisory consultancy services, Redpalm will always put forward any technology that meets the needs of its clients and then help them to draw comparison between each solution, which in turn gives context that helps the client understand what is being presented and ensures the best fit solution is reached following a proper due diligence process is undertaken. In Data Storage solutions, this is always offered free of charge and forms part of the Redpalm added value. Redpalm used Pros and Cons tables in its proposal to help simplify the differences between each solution being presented.

“I particularly like their honest independence – you know they’re not going to put something on my desk due to a vendor allegiance; they always recommend best-fit solutions. It’s an excellent technically driven strategic partnership”

Kevin Evans, Systems Services Specialist, Newcastle Management Systems Ltd.

Following a thorough scoping and design process and Redpalm presenting the technical and commercial solutions of its recommended solutions, Newcastle Management Systems decided to award Redpalm the project owing to the level of detail and time it had taken to ensure the best-fit solution was being reached.


“We ultimately chose to work with Redpalm as their Proposal presented went above and beyond in the amount of care and attention given to ensuring we were definitely getting the best solution for our needs. The paper produced gave us great confidence in their industry knowledge, which gave credibility to their advice and guidance offered and their technical capability to execute a smooth system integration project and in-house support capacity to provide post-sale support”

John Oliver, IT System Services Manager.

The solution reached was a Nimble Storage CS300 Hybrid SAN, as Newcastle were very impressed by the Storage Management software on offer with this solution called InfoSight and the in-line compression methodology used to improve storage capacity efficiency and performance. The Nimble Storage solution also gave Newcastle an impressive level of flexibility for the future due to its highly scalable architecture, which would allow for up to 6 expansion shelves in a single array and a total Flash Capacity per Array of 3,840Gb. The solution was designed to delivery over 30,000 IOPS in performance.

The Nimble Storage CS300 is the array from Nimble Storage that offers the best capacity per £ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation, which is why it was Recommended by Redpalm.

#ITmodern Results

“It’s so important to be thorough in scoping Storage solutions, as they are the core of any infrastructure that ultimately determines the overall user experience when access applications and web services. Reliability and very high levels of resiliency were also essential and key success markers as it is people’s savings and mortgages data.”

Simon Bridge, Redpalm Technology Services.

Through receiving Independent, free of charge, whole-of- market technology research, Newcastle Management Systems were able to benefit from in-depth and impartial detailed expert comparison of shortlisted solutions prior to purchase. This ensured that they achieved a reduced TCO of their core storage system over a 5 year period and a backup process that due to extra throughput was reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours

Performance was improved significantly across a range of critical applications and databases. Due to InfoSight’s ability to leverage the power of deep-data analytics to deploy storage resources as needed by business-critical applications, Newcastle Management Systems are able to easily monitor and maintain storage system performance with significantly reduced human administration, building an intelligent approach to Managed Service delivery.

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