How Redpalm Helped Forward-thinking Council be More Productive with a Modern Room and Resource Booking Solution

When it consolidated into a new building, Northamptonshire County Council embraced cutting-edge technology that transformed the eciency of its sta and their working environment.
Local Government
Digital Building Block:
Communication & Collaboration
Delivery Method:
Smart Meetings
Technology Solution:
Sharing Cloud Resource Booking System

After the full functionality of the new resource booking system has been adopted, the council’s head one will be one of the most ecient, enjoyed by any local authority in the UK.

The Challenge

The amount of time Northamptonshire County Council’s employees and visitors collectively spent finding and booking hot desks and resources was enormous. Somebody had to plan each meeting, invite attendees, find and book a room, and arrange coee and/or lunch. 

External visitors often needed parking spaces and guiding to their pre-booked meeting space. This had to be done several times a day – so the business case behind the council’s decision to use technology to eliminate some of the associated inherent ineciencies is self-explanatory. 

Northamptonshire County Council’s project team knew that real-time meeting and general resource booking systems existed, as they had seen the tablet interfaces in high-end buildings. However, they wanted to make the investment carefully, to ensure it maximised their productivity and overcame the inherent ineciencies of managing people and their working environment.

The Innovation

Because of the value of the installation, the requirement went out to tender.
Redpalm was the only company that:

  • met all the council’s prerequisite requirements
  • outlined a solution with the required functionality
  • included next-generation facilities management tools which would futureproof the investment.

SharingCloud’s Instant Suite Workplace platform is a meeting room and resource-booking solution that met the council’s immediate requirements, and provided additional modular functionality which can be adopted at a manageable rate.

It certainly has the wow factor. Nobody has to walk around looking for a meeting room – you can see what’s available at a glance, and telephone calls for last-minute assistance have become a thing of the past. 

All the information you need is live on-screen. This solution could also be extended to the car park. Its automatic number plate recognition system can clock visitors’ cars in and out of the car park, so they’re promptly shown to a parking space, welcomed, and taken to their meeting room or desk” 

Olly Cogan, CEO – Redpalm.

#ITmodern Results

Redpalm provided approximately a week of specialist consultancy, free of charge. They spent some of this time liaising with lesser known, as well as well-known, vendors who might be able to meet their customer requirements.

Redpalm’s recommended SharingCloud’s solution provided more functionality at a lower cost than some of the well-known brands in the marketplace. It is also incredibly flexible – even though it’s o-the-shelf software, it comes from a new generation of developers, and can be tailored almost infinitely to customer requirements.

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