Our Vision

Disrupt or be disrupted.

The way the world “goes to work” has changed a lot in this decade and there is no sign of the rate of these sweeping changes slowing down. Modern advances in technology continue to evolve how we all, as individuals interact in our daily lives and forward thinking organisations must learn how to harness these digital technologies to achieve competitive advantage. Millenials and their younger siblings are the future decision makers, leaders and staff that will shape the organisations we work for. Together with the big digital platforms they interact with, they are unknowingly rewriting the future of the work "place".

  • They demand a very high level of User Experience (UX). They don’t use caller minutes from their mobile phone tariffs, and they certainly don't own landlines.
  • They communicate using data and, where possible, a free Wi-Fi service, through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat and Skype.
  • They don’t store files on local storage devices, instead they upload and download files they need directly to the Cloud via DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive.
  • They don’t access locally-installed Applications that don’t update automatically from the Software Developer. They download apps that are delivered in such a way that they receive updates from the Software Developer directly through a “continuous development” program.
  • They are accustomed to highly flexible and simple User Experiences through a digital interface, which is intuitive, reliable and fast.

This is why organisations, both large and small and across all industries and services must go through a process of digital transformation. Smart Organisations are making strategic investments now to ensure their services or products and all the back office processes that support them are future-ready.

Be Smart

  • Smart organisations now use a single app to communicate over video, IM or voice in a one-to-one or in an impromptu group chat and share content across multiple teams, platforms or devices easily, all on demand from anywhere in the world at any time and from any device.
  • Smart organisations expect systems to talk to one another, to be open and easily integrated and for data to flow freely. Smart organisations have Cyber Security measures in place to protect that data and those staff, customer or partners who are accessing it.
  • Smart organisations create a modern, agile, collaborative and vibrant working culture and they attract and retain the talented workforce that will drive their organisation to success.

Along with the way we work and tools we use, the world has changed in terms of consumer habits and expectations. Your customers, citizens, patients, members or trustees all now expect a smooth and pleasant Customer Experience (CX) at every stage in which they engage with your brand. This requires a strategy that uses disruptive, modern technology solutions across an organisation, from how it handles and protects customer data to how products and services are delivered, right through to how financial transactions are processed. All these aspects affect Customer Experience and the brands and organisations that understand and appreciate this are the ones that will ultimately succeed in the modern climate.

Any organisation, regardless of size or type of business that wishes to gain, and then maintain, a competitive edge in today’s fast-evolving world must first appreciate that excellent User Experience and Customer Experience is absolutely essential.

What we do

Our business is built around helping organisations optimise User and Customer Experience through a process of digital transformation. We achieve this through focusing on technology and processes that when intelligently implemented in and across an organisation, effect real change and result in demonstrable business outcomes. We will work with a client to deliver specific project success or drive through an organisation-wide strategy. Our focus is on the use of highly innovative, best of breed technology and modern working practices that will establish firm foundations on which to construct a business technology strategy that is both adaptable to change, but also purposeful and visionary.
We're committed to helping organisation integrate applications and systems that empower their staff by giving them the modern cloud services and digital tools that help them work more effectively. Our solutions and services are focused on giving organisations and their teams that consumer grade, modern user experience, but with the high level of collaboration and Cyber Security that make them viable for the enterprise.
At the heart of our business is an advisory consultancy practice, a project implementation team providing system integration and a UK-based 24/7 User Support and Security Network Operation Centre. We are experts in what we do and we use this to deliver value to the organisations we work with, creating a technology partnership that delivers real-world business outcomes with an emphasis on modern, innovative and automated technology solutions and a human-centric support approach.

Communication & Collaboration

  • Unified-Communications-as-a-Service
  • Smart Meetings
  • File Sync and Share

Cyber Security

  • Access Control IAM & PAM
  • Security Analytics & SIEM
  • Cyber Security Compliance
  • Patching & Vulnerability Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Firewalls Web Access and Gateways

Data Storage &

  • Storage Arrays
  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Hybrid Storage Management
  • SaaS Data Protection
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Erasure

Servers &
Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • On Premise Server Solutions
  • Hybrid System Management & Virtualisation
  • Server Security & Patching

End User Computing &

  • Unified Endpoint Management UEM
  • Desk & Hotdesk Solutions
  • Virtual Desktops VDI
  • Application Virtualisation
  • PCs Laptops & Smartphones

Connectivity &

  • Switching & Routing
  • Wireless Networking
  • Site-to-Site Links
  • Wireless ISP
  • Fibre Leased Lines


Simon Bridge

Technical Services Director

Simon is an accomplished Technical Director who is driven by creating highly motivated technical teams focused on exceeding customer expectations. Through a wealth of technical skills and commercial awareness he strives to achieve exceptional rather than expected results.

A self-confessed techie geek and lover of gadgets, who fully understands what technology and products can achieve and where limitations arise, enabling him to consistently deliver optimum solutions for customers. Simon has always had a particular interest in building security into the heart of businesses and minimising the risks that the #ITmodern world creates.

Christophe Grosjean

Chief Financial Officer

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Christophe started his career with a commercial apprenticeship at the Bayer Group before joining the Swiss Army to complete his compulsory national service.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family background, from a young age Christophe developed a passion for business and the finance world, driving him to co-found Redpalm in 2010. He is everything you would expect from a Swiss national when it comes to business, embracing efficiency, planning, structure and time management. He also enjoys going to the gym in his free time and has a strong passion for cheese and terroir products!

Olly Cogan

Chief Executive Officer

As an “ideas man” Olly brings inventive and out-the-box thinking, which has helped shape a Company that always looks to question whether there is a more efficient, smarter approach or solution. Olly co-founded Redpalm at the age of 27, fuelled by a drive to create value through differentiation and build a brand of longevity. Along with the Management team, Olly has led Redpalm to gain a highly regarded reputation as a leading independent authority on a range of elegantly simple technology solutions and as a trusted pair of hands as a Managed Services Partner.


Founded in 2010, Redpalm has provided no less than hundreds of organisations with impartial guidance and support on how best to utilise modern technology. We're proud of the fact that we still have an open and mutual relationship with almost all these organisations to this day.

The business was formed from listening to the needs and challenges of private and public sector organisations, and identifying an appetite in the market for a completely independent technology services provider that had a truly unbiased position of integrity in recommending technology and a global support capability to back this up.

Redpalm’s Management Team has a combined total of over 35 years’ experience in the IT Solutions and Services industry, advising and supporting end-user organisations on how to reduce costs and empower progress through improved technology. Our knowledge and expertise comes from best practices that have evolved from our own first-hand experience.

Redpalm is Headquartered in Northampton, United Kingdom with an office in Central London. In 2013, renovation work was completed on a purpose-designed and highly secure Technical Operations Centre also in Northampton, which houses our Network and Security Operation Centre (N/SOC), our Configuration Centre, Proof of Concept (PoC) Test Lab and Stock Bonding facility and is in a separate building adjacent to our Head Office.
We are proud to have achieved sustainable and strategic double-digit growth since our inception and enjoy establishing new Customer relationships.

Our History

Established in 2010, we have carefully crafted and honed our expertise to now be recognised as a leading authority on transformational, agile technologies.

Redpalm was founded by current CEO, Olly Cogan, and CFO, Chris Grosjean, with the vision that Cloud Computing technologies were about to disrupt the traditional IT sector and the awareness that the market wasn’t under-betting on the scale of this shift and its impact. The business won several major projects in its first year and was successful in balancing the integration of traditional “on-premise” and datacentre infrastructure with providing visionary consultancy that ensured client projects and investments were future-aware and cloud ready.

24/7 ITIL-aligned Service Desk operation established with several key Infrastructure Maintenance Contracts won and Managed by in-house operations team. The business becomes ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited. Redpalm establishes itself as partner of choice for Core infrastructure technologies and services to a number of NHS Trusts and Corporate Enterprises.

The business grows rapidly, which includes setting up a Training Academy for graduates and apprenticeships and investment in growing our Technical Engineering and Consultancy capability. During 2012, Redpalm grows revenues by 300% Year on Year, as it secures several key contracts to supply and implement a number of Enterprise Storage solutions with Storage innovation partner NetApp. Our Service Desk is launched, which initially caters to a range of Server, Storage and Networking Pan-European maintenance contracts.

As Redpalm expands its team further, it also develops successful relationships within Local Government as we make a strategic play to drive innovation in this sector, securing a number of transformational consultancy engagements, through our emphasis on downscaling traditional Infrastructure environments and transitioning organisations to agile, on-demand compute service models.

Redpalm continues its strategic top and bottom line growth. Simon Bridge joins Redpalm as Technical Services Director as the business commits fully to its Managed Services Provider Strategy in Cloud-based Data Storage Protection and Information Security. The redCARE SinglePoint service is launched, as our 24/7 operational capacity is developed to include a larger team of dedicated operatives providing 24/7 “eyes on glass” for UK and global clients requiring proactive infrastructure and application monitoring services from both automated and human processes.

Redpalm becomes an early adopter of the Microsoft Cloud Azure platform as it becomes a Microsoft Cloud partner. We purposefully design and renovate a humble warehouse space into a state-of-the-art Technical Operations Centre. The marketing and events team at Redpalm launch the Tech Exec Lunch series of events in collaboration with a few of its innovation partners, which successfully raises awareness of solutions and technologies that enable Digital Transformation, where Redpalm is able to offer deep-knowledge subject matter expertise, such as Data Storage efficiencies, Cloud and Hybrid System integrations and Collaboration technologies.

The company opens our Office in Central London and grows our London team, including Client Managers and Account Directors and Solution Architects. The London office helps Redpalm to build on our Financial and Charity sector experience as we secure a number of new financial and charity clients, through a range of service offerings including our now well-established IT transformational consultancy practice.

Redpalm forms more key partnerships in Cyber Security and its Information Security Consultants are all required to pass the vigorous Certified Information Security Management (CISM) accreditation. The business further invests its SaaS vision and strategy, through a deeper partnership with Global Communications Cloud leader, 8x8 Inc. Redpalm becomes a Cyber Essentials Certifying body and develops a full range of Security Operations Centre (SOC) capabilities.

Self-driving cars, robots and trips to Mars! Be ready.

#ITmodern and Innovationsin Technology

Redpalm is all about #ITmodern. As we see it, innovation is the fuel that drives evolution, and everything we do at Redpalm is focused around our passion for approaching technology in a modern way. We work with Technology that has, through innovation, become faster, more efficient, and bettered what came before it.

The last few years have seen technology evolve rapidly, and the world now uses and sees IT very differently. Businesses and organisations that don’t embrace this will be overtaken by those that do.
Redpalm helps organisations maintain competitive advantage through adopting and integrating modern technology through transformational change. 

The areas where the biggest impact can be seen to improve an organisations operational efficiency are where Redpalm has over several years honed its skills, expertise and in turn gained valuable experience in executing solutions, services, programs and projects for its clients. These areas of technology are themselves evolving fast, but when understood and intelligently integrated, have the impact of convert an organisation from slow, unwieldy and costly into fast, agile and efficient. It is within these areas of technology, where innovation has been so impactful, that Redpalm’s passion and up to the minute technical knowledge helps organisations understand and implement effective and positive change.

Our Mantra – Independent, Impartial and Interested

We think our approach differentiates us from the rest of the market. Our ethos of Independent, Impartial, and Interested makes us fully client-aligned.


Redpalm is owned entirely by the current Management Team, with no distant investors or stakeholders. We think this this gives us a much sought after agility to meet the needs of our clients. It also underwrites
our position as an independent authority on the technologies we chose to work with and reccomend to customers.


Several years of developing and honing our consultancy practice has led to us possessing four essential ingredients as an advisor to organisations on their technology investment and implementation.

  • Highly advanced technical skills
  • Deep-knowledge subject matter expertise
  • Broad Industry involvement and awareness
  • Broad Industry involvement and awareness
  • Broad Industry involvement and awareness

This simply means putting customer interests before our vendor partners. We are client-aligned. Our consultancy practice ensures we have very high level of technical expertise across our specialist areas, the 6 digital building blocks.

This positions us as a voice of authority in what we do and affords us the confidence to be truly impartial as we qualify the right technology for a given client project, strategy or vision. Through our focus on the clients’ defined success criteria, we expertly assess the features, functionality and Return On Investment (ROI) value of a range of prospective vendor technologies. We then provide comparison between different solutions that are qualified as suitable to meet the client’s needs, eventually reaching a fully weighted, final recommendation which has taken a more holistic view of the market. 

We only work with technology partners who want to win business on the merit of their solution and are able to fully grasp why we believe so passionately in the need for our client-aligned, impartial strategy. 

Clients receive completely impartial advice from our consultants at every step of their decision-making journey when considering a technology investment. This is evident in how the Redpalm Solutions Tree is used to map out the 3 layers of our business; each area of our expertise, which we call “building blocks” has a number of "Delivery Methods", which always have a minimum of 2 “Technology Solutions”, allowing us to draw proper comparison and assess suitability of a range of solutions to the client’s needs. In short, we fit round pegs in round holes! 

We are proud of our reputation for properly qualifying a client’s requirements and in turn provide honest, unbiased opinion on what is best for your business. We use simple but highly effective techniques like providing Pro’s and Con’s tables in proposals as part of our Advisory Service. This approach continues in our role as a Managed Services Partner, where we gain client trust as a strategic advisor by always reviewing a number of different solutions before we make change recommendations on implementing new platform and infrastructure solutions. This due diligence and transparency is the Redpalm difference.


Every solution we design is fully bespoke. As a business of approx. 35 staff, we see our size as a key strength. It affords us the advantage of being able to give our clients the peace of mind that every Redpalm Solution gets an awful lot of attention and senior level input. Our Advisory Services are led by a highly-experienced Business Consultant and Solution Architect and are all then signed off by Redpalm’s Technical Services Director. The same can be said for our range of Managed Services, each service is tailored to the needs of each individual client. In short, we are not so large that our clients become just a number. 

Were a very customer proud bunch and enjoy keeping up to date with and getting involved with our customer activities. The strong relationships we maintain mean we care about the positive outcomes we create and we enjoy seeing the success it brings to our clients.

Our Mission Statement

To achieve sustainable business growth to give excellent career opportunities across both developed and developing countries and create value for its clients through its expert knowledge in Intelligent Technologies. Redpalm will establish itself as a global brand known for its absolute integrity and impartiality as a technology consultancy and service provider. Through improving connectivity and access to digital information, we will advance how organisations collaborate, store and analyse Data, and safeguard their information.”

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