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Redpalm honoured to be only UK company to receive the baramundi 2018 Centre of Excellence Award

Selected partners of baramundi software AG are distinguished as Competence Centres of Excellence for their high level of commitment, outstanding expertise and excellent support experience. Globally, a total of twelve partners were able to satisfy these requirements for 2018, so we're delighted to be recognised.

Our partnership with baramundi has enabled really impressive levels of efficiency, our Projects team have coped very well with a significant increase in demand for EUC deployments as part of transformation, whilst our Support team have tapped into its intuitive automation tools to patch at scale Common Vulnerability Exploits, across the several thousand endpoints they manage.

We also sell the software to clients who want to use it in-house. It's become an integral tool in our tool kit, whilst the teams we've helped implement the software in-house have provided us with really excellent feedback on how its saved them time in securing increasingly mixed and challenging IT estates. Everyone has worked hard to get here, so I'm incredibly proud of the team, it's great to see their efforts recognised in receiving this award. 

Olly Cogan, CEO - Redpalm 

As a Managed Service partner and a Solution provider, we trust baramundi's endpoint management technology to meet the security and efficiency needs of Redpalm's clients and the investment in our technical expertise are both equally recognised in this achievement, together with the energy and focus from a number of key members of our team.

The conditions for gaining the status of Competence Center of Excellence include the successful realisation of a significant number of new customer projects, an outstanding level of expertise in the integration of baramundi's Unified Endpoint Management technology and excellent support services for existing customers.

Chris Grosjean and Olly Cogan awarded by baramundi
center of excellence

Our cooperation with world-leading technology is essential in our ability to strengthen the security practices in place to protect the information and users of the organisations we serve. We attach great importance to our impartiality as a consultancy to ensure we are always recommending solutions that are truly best fit for our clients.

This is why we invest significantly in developing deep partnerships with the world's technology innovators, enabling us to share this gained expertise with clients in guiding them to the right solution. This demands a depth of knowledge of the technologies we partner with across our entire business.


With its annual Competence Center of Excellence award, baramundi recognises special achievements by its implementation and support partners.

baramundi software AG has seen continued growth for a number of years, and our partners have played a significant role in this. We wish to express our gratitude for the successful and trusting collaboration, and are delighted at being able to honor Twelve partners, globally, as Competence Centers of Excellence this year.

Uwe Beikirch - CEO, baramundi software AG

Our confidence at Redpalm in baramundi lies not only in the software architecture and design, but also in how the cultures between our two companies align. We live in a time when organisations need to remain highly vigilant in the face of either targeted cyber attacks from hackers or the proliferation of malicious software, where the devil is very much in the detail. The approach from baramundi is one of ensuring that, as its leading partner in the UK, we get a very "high touch" level of partner support from them, which ensures there is both depth and breadth of technical knowledge across our Support and Projects teams. This puts us well placed to identify when and where the baramundi solution might be a good fit for a given client challenge and, crucially, ensures we know how to integrate the software in a way that maximises the efficiency it will bring for the IT teams who use it to securely manage what we have taken to calling NOI, or their Network Of Things!

The teams achieve this through a continuous training program, which focuses heavily on understanding the "Why?", providing context of the real-world problems the baramundi Management Suite of products has been designed to help make easier or solve. Once this is understood, only then are the teams trained in technical deep-dive sessions in given areas of the platform. As our team continues to expand, it is vital that we continue to advance and develop our most experienced staff, but also that new member joining us are brought up to speed as quickly as possible. This is why members from both our Projects and Managed Services teams are clocking up their frequent flyer miles, regularly flying out to Munich, Germany to utilise state of the art Cyber labs and training facilities at baramundi's Global Headquarters.

We've seen there is clearly a real demand in the market for the simplicity of endpoint management that the baramundi solution brings. As a company, we're excited to be increasing awareness of this great technology.

Our thanks go out to all our British and German colleagues at baramundi for the award, it's great to be recognised as a team. We look forward to working with you in the future and wish Germany luck in the World Cup, that is until we meet in the Quarter Finals of course!

Redpalm's Centre of Excellence Award 2018


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