Redpalm Tech Exec Lunch Series

What is Privilege Access Management (PAM) and why is it so essential to your organisation's information security?

Sushi Samba, London
Jun '18
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Intro to Bomgar Privileged Access Management
The second instalment of our 2018 Tech Exec Lunch series is to be held on 21st June at Europe's highest open air bar terrace and private dining lounge at the world renowned, Sushi Samba, on the 38th floor of the Herron Tower, London. After ascending the building via a glass exterior lift, which is quite a ride, 30 invitees will be served a 4 course lunch and enjoy presentations from Redpalm and our security access partner, Bomgar.


Oliver Tribe
Regional Manager, Bomgar

With a background in technology solutions that spans over 15 years, Oliver oversees all the Bomgar technology portfolio and is highly experienced in delivering best-of-breed secure access and connectivity technologies. In his role at Bomgar, Oliver enables NHS, public sector and private sector organisations to improve their information security through increasing awareness of the need to correctly protect endpoints and defend privileged credentials.

Olly Cogan
CEO, Redpalm

As an “ideas man” Olly brings inventive and out-the-box thinking, which has helped shape a Company that always looks to question whether there is a more efficient, smarter approach or solution. Olly co-founded Redpalm at the age of 27, fuelled by a drive to create value through differentiation and build a brand of longevity, achieving year-on-year growth and a hard-earned reputation as a leading independent authority on modern business technologies.

Simon Bridge
Technical Services Director, Redpalm

Simon is driven by creating highly motivated teams focused on exceeding customer expectations. Through a wealth of technical skills and commercial awareness, he strives to achieve exceptional rather than expected results through his grasp on what technology can achieve and where limitations arise. As a Certified Information Security Manager (CISCM), he works with clients to build security into the heart of their businesses, mitigating the risks that cloud and agility can bring.

Event Details

A closer look at Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Secure Remote Access for Privileged Users

Most organisations use a mix traditional computing, private and public cloud infrastructure to run their critical systems. Bomgar gives you the ability to centrally secure and manage access across all of your environments, even sensitive systems in the Cloud. Bomgar's Privileged Access enables security professionals to control, monitor and manage privileged access to critical systems by authorized employees, contractors, and third-party vendors. 

Guests will be shown how the Bomgar API will:

- Seamlessly integrate privileged access within your existing workflows for identity, change, and event management.

- Integrate with password management tools to enable automatic password injection

- Leverage existing SIEM solutions to track session data and configuration changes

- Integrate with change management and ITSM solutions

- Manage permissions and authentication with AD, LDAPS, RADIUS, Kerberos

Bomgar’s Acquisition of Lieberman Software accelerates efforts for solving real customer problems in the secure access space 

In the Privileged Access Management (PAM) market, buyers are seeking products that not only improve security and accountability, but also don’t impede their users in their day to day job tasks. Bomgar's recent acquisition of Lieberman Software, a leading privileged identity and credential management technology provider, has strengthened Bomgar's position to create a best-in-class Privileged Access and Identity portfolio.  Offering privileged session management and credential management as a solution from one company means that customers can streamline their PAM implementations while addressing a wide variety of use cases related to access and passwords.

A leading Global innovator

More than 13,000 organisations around the globe use Bomgar to deliver superior support services and reduce threats to valuable data and systems. Bomgar clients include some of the world’s leading IT outsourcers, systems integrators, software vendors, healthcare organisations, government agencies, universities, financial institutions, and retailers.

Demonstration of safeguarding against credential hacks 

At this Business lunch, Redpalm and Bomgar will showcase how implementing a Privileged Identity & Access Management solution safeguards against credential hacks and removes common attack pathways and vulnerabilities

Redpalm's CEO, Olly Cogan, and Technical Services Director, Simon Bridge, will introduce Redpalm's portfolio of Information Security services and wider business vision whilst guests enjoy an open discussion around the common challenges faced in this space.

Event Agenda

Time Description

Arrival, welcome drinks - Sushi Samba Outdoor Terrace


Everyone seated – Private Dining Lounge


Olly Cogan - CEO, Redpalm Technology – Introduction to Redpalm Technology and its work in transforming client organisations into innovation-driven, tech-powered digital leaders of industry.


Starters served


Oliver Tribe – Regional Manager, Bomgar – Overview of Bomgar's Privileged Access Management solution, including a demonstration of how a hacker will use privileged credentials to infiltrate an organisation's most confidential and sensitive information.


Mains served


Dessert served


Simon Bridge - Technical Services Director, Redpalm Technology –Overview of Redpalm’s 24/7 Network and Security Operations Centre (N/SOC) and associated Consultancy Services.


Olly Cogan - Thank you and a short round-up, opening the room to questions towards any of the presenters and general open discussion. An area has been reserved in the open air terrace bar for after lunch drinks and networking.


Retire to roof terrace

Please note:

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, UK