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MONTHLY SPOTLIGHT: AlienVault - SIEM and Unified Security Management that simplifies Cloud and On-Premise Information Security

If you are finding yourself under increasing pressure to provide stakeholders with comprehensive risk reporting of your organisation's information security position and as such also require real-time visibility of how data flows across your network, devices and users, then join us for this Free Webinar with our partner AlienVault. We'll show you our Unified Threat Intelligence and SIEM solution, which is helping our clients unify all essential security tools in one location and combines them with real-time threat intelligence.
15:00 - 15:40
Jul '18


Andy Grzess
EMEA Lead Solutions Architect & ACSE, AlienVault

Andy Grzess is a Solutions Architect & ACSE who works for AlienVault, helping organisations to improve their security against current and new emerging threats. After 15 years in various IT roles Andy shifted his professional focus back to his military roots into Cyber Security. He believes that threat intelligence is the key to any successful Cyber Security Strategy.

Neal Chauhan
Client Director & SIEM Specialist, Redpalm

Winning a promotion to Client Director in 2015, has been instrumental in some of Redpalm's largest transformation projects, delivering project outcomes that meet client expectations, successfully implementing modern technology solutions across the NHS, Local Government and the private sector. Today, Neal leads Redpalm's business in two specialist technology solution areas; Threat Detection, Incident Response & Compliance / SIEM and Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS).

Webinar details

The need to identify and respond rapidly to security threats as they unfold, and then effectively analyse a potential data breach, has led to a number of tools emerging onto the market that provide both the means to gather intelligence on your application and network activity and take decisive action against a security threat. With a tool for every job, this has resulted in IT teams finding themselves having to manage several different systems in an attempt to provide the reporting and intelligence that organisations demand of them.

The need to unify these tools has led to the industry merging two previous technology areas; Security Information (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) to form Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

During this interactive Webinar, we will discuss the emergence of SIEM as a technology solution area and get hands on with AlienVault, providing attendees with a good feel of the platform and the opportunity to ask any questions they might have.

Andy Grzess, Lead Solution Engineer for EMEA at AlienVault and Neal Chauhan, Client Director and SIEM Specialist at Redpalm, will give an overview of AlienVault's Unified Threat Intelligence, focusing on its lightweight implementation and demonstrating how its dashboards can be configured to deliver hassle free and accurate reporting, compliance and real-time intelligence of what is happening across your network.

Andy and Neal will use the Webinar to focus on the following key areas. All attendees will have an opportunity to put in writing any questions they may have live during the Broadcast.

  • ASSET DISCOVERY & INVENTORY - Know who and what is connected to your environments at all times.
  • VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT - Identify vulnerabilities on your assets to avoid exploitation and compromise.
  • INTRUSION DETECTION - Detect and respond to threats faster with built-in host, network, and cloud intrusion detection technologies
  • BEHAVIORAL MONITORING - Identify suspicious behavior, user activities, and potentially compromised systems.
  • SIEM & LOG MANAGEMENT - Correlate, analyze, and securely store security event data from across your environments.

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A word on SIEM 

SIEM is fast becoming a must-have investment for Information Security teams and managers who need to balance the business demand for increased reporting and compliance with the capability to execute a fast response, but find managing multiple systems a real challenge. Whilst a SIEM solution will consolidate these requirements into one solution, an added challenge can come from the fact that SIEM platforms will typically require a significant project implementation with many needing dedicated staff to manage the platform on a full time basis. This can mean organisations delay making an investment in SIEM, which could prove pivotal. At Redpalm, we've chosen to work with AlienVault as a preferred SIEM solution due it being designed with a real-word practicality in mind that ensures a lower Total Cost of Ownership through it being an easy to deploy platform and efficient administration, ultimately ensuring an organisation sees a high return on its investment in the platform once integrated.